You Deserve Control over the Sale of your Luxury Real Estate.

I’m Mike Russo, top Rhode Island Broker and founder of Ocean Auctions.

For the last 15 years, I’ve helped people sell and buy their homes in a variety of markets. This experience has shown that the traditional real estate process doesn’t work for everyone – especially sellers and buyers of luxury homes.

About Ocean Auctions

Luxury home sellers and seekers are different.

You’re decisive.

As a sophisticated seller or buyer, you’re ready to act.

Time Is of the Essence.

You want to avoid the costs associated with maintaining a luxury property for extended amounts of time while you relocate or you want a quick closing so you can start a new venture.

You’re discerning.

You know what you’re looking for in a luxury property. When you see what you want, you make an offer.

Control Is Important.

You have a plan and you follow through. You expect the same from other people and that is what the luxury auction format will deliver.

The solution for luxury property sellers and buyers in RI is Ocean Auctions.

As the former sales director of Auctions.com, I’ve seen how beneficial the auction model is for sellers and buyers. At Ocean Auctions, we give owners the power to sell their luxury home in a fraction of the time of the traditional real estate model. Buyers are able to level the playing field and stand out to sellers. Even agents win in the auction model, as they keep their listings and commissions.

Whether you’re new to the auction model of real estate or a seasoned pro, Ocean Auctions is excited to further your journey. We offer creative marketing services, unmatched customer service and exceptional results.

A Rewarding and Lucrative Experience for Luxury Home Sellers and Buyers in Rhode Island

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