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Your listings. Your Commission. On steroids.

Interested in keeping your full commission?

Are you ready to increase your listing reach, amp up your relationship with your seller, slash your listing to close days and rake in big ticket referrals from satisfied clients? Agents who work with Ocean Auctions do just that and the kicker is – you keep your commission. Add to that, if you’re buyer is the winning bidder on any of Ocean Auctions properties, you earn a buyer’s agent commission.

Behold the benefits...

Explode Your Listing

Our quick hit marketing process injects your listing into the vein of the most respected power brokers. In a matter of days your listing is on the minds of hungry buyers throughout the world, ready to spend cold, hard cash at your auction.

Turbocharge Interest

Transform your languishing listing into the most coveted property on the market…even if the listing is about to expire, your seller’s threatening to find another agent and you’re secretly starting to lose hope.

Celeb Status

Rake in glowing recommendations and big ticket referrals from sellers who’ve never experienced such an astonishingly easy transaction and earn a rockstar reputation among your clients and colleagues.

Take Control

Dramatically reduce negative perception that happens when your listing stays stagnant on the market for months, or worse, continues to reduce in price. We give you the power to flip that perception and create a sense of urgency around your property…allowing an anxious crowd only 1-day to clinch the hottest million dollar listing on the market.

More Money, Less Time

Slash your time on market, boost your closing ratio and line your pockets with larger commissions…faster than you ever thought possible.

A Rewarding and Lucrative Experience for Luxury Home Sellers and Buyers in Rhode Island

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