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A home buying experience that stands high above the rest

Think sellers have all the fun in the auction process? Think again. Ocean Auctions delivers a home buying experience that stands head and shoulders above the rest. We market you to our sellers, giving you the chance to stand out from traditional buyers. Our thorough process ensures you’re paying fair market value for your luxury property.

For Luxury Home Buyers

Here's how you win...

Command Attention

Avoid the lackluster of traditional buyers and be recognized by the seller as a sophisticated buyer. You’ll gain the personalized attention you deserve with the seller’s agent and our qualification process puts you at the top of the list to purchase your luxury property.

Fast, Easy Transactions

A decisive seller is your biggest asset to closing quickly. All our sellers are 100% committed to selling on a specific date. If you’re the winning bidder, you’ll have the deal closed faster than you ever dreamed possible.

Eliminate Uncertainties

A no contingencies sale is benefit to both you and the seller. Our thorough process includes everything you need to bid with confidence. Prior to auction, you’ll be given an opportunity to conduct any and all due diligence you deem necessary, a property inspection report, parcel maps, title work and any other data you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Supercharge Your Success

Ocean Auctions helps you gain a master’s level savvy in buying via auction – almost overnight. We level the playing field of new and seasoned auction buyers by providing you with individualized attention based on your specific needs.

A Rewarding and Lucrative Experience for Luxury Home Sellers and Buyers in Rhode Island

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