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Ocean Auctions puts you in the driver’s seat. Trying to sell your unique luxury property via traditional real estate methods is futile due the long absorption rates for high end real estate in RI. You and your property deserve the respect of motivated, qualified buyers who are serious about closing the deal as quickly as you are. Even if your luxury property has languished on the market for months, we will put you back in control of the sales process.

Real Estate Auctions in RI for Sellers

Here's how you benefit


Simply select the day you want to sell and we’ll put our comprehensive marketing program in place to find you the most qualified and discerning buyers.


Wave goodbye to nosy neighbors crashing your open house or just browsing buyers stalking your listing for the next price drop. Our aggressive and abbreviated marketing process slashes your time on market lines your pocket with cash.

Save Time

Eliminate time consuming processes with a no contingencies, lightning fast transaction that will leave you unencumbered from your property…faster than you ever thought possible.

Motivated Buyers

We’ve cracked the code on your ideal market and figured out how to turn your property into a feeding frenzy of qualified, ready to close buyers, chomping at the bit for you to pick an auction date…even if your property has been stagnant on the market for months.

Cash In Hand

Our prescreened and qualified buyers have the liquid assets to purchase your property in cash. All you need to do is sit back while they battle for your property (all the while driving the price higher and higher!)

A Rewarding and Lucrative Experience for Luxury Home Sellers and Buyers in Rhode Island

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